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Roulette Psychology and the Element of Winning

If there is one psychological attribute that is common in all successful players of roulette, it has to be determination. Though this quality is likewise present in successful gamblers of any casino game, there is something about roulette that demands a strong character and an unending dedication to defeat the house at all cost.

If we will consider the basic foundation of roulette, one will not wonder why it requires commitment from its players. After all, roulette players have the knowledge that the winning odds are clearly not on their favor. It is because of this awareness that hinders a lot of highly talented roulette players from committing themselves to the wheels of roulette. Gamblers of this kind would prefer playing in a poker table, where the element of control is relatively higher. Of course, we all have to accept the fact that when we observe that roulette ball jump around the rotating wheels; it is a tough task to convince ourselves that there is something we can do to manipulate the results.

Nonetheless, there is still a big difference between a smart roulette player who has full knowledge of the insurmountable odds and the player who is simply relying on instinct with no appropriate knowledge of the structure and principle behind roulette. These people do not appear to be too worried with the advantage of the house, if they completely know the concept. However, for the more talented players, the house advantage is both the curse of their existence and the ultimate center of their attention.

There is a common misunderstanding among a lot of people trying to decipher the roulette code that the green numbers are associated with the "house numbers". This assumption signifies that by placing a bet on the green number, a player will obtain the house advantage. As a matter of fact, it is certain that the green numbers represent the house edge because without them roulette would be mathematically even. However, you should not rely too much on this assumption because unfortunately, the greens are no more or less possible to be hit compared to other numbers.

Through the years, a lot of the smart gamblers have attempted to defeat roulette by utilizing multiple variations of the "Martingale" system, which consists of doubling your bet after each loss so that an initial win recovers all past defeats, as well as resulting to an income similar to the original wager. It has been extensively established that this wagering technique is basically wrong in reality and the expected long-term result is a huge monetary loss. There is basically no way it can be effective in the long-run.

And yet, there is still the indisputable excitement of attempting to turn the wheels of roulette.