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Be Sassy but Savvy at Roulette

Roulette is a game of class. It is a game of elegance, of refinement, of the elite. Some even creates allusion of the game to monarchy, and the players are kings, queens, princes, and princesses. Casinos are their kingdoms, while roulette is their jester. The roulette is the universal symbol of gambling. Every symbol is present in that game - the dice, the markers, the checkers, the chips, the marble, and the spin. Oh yes, the spin. It provides the thrill of the game. The exhilarating motion trances the eye for it to follow, and it marks the difference between a juvenile and an adult; an apprentice and a master.

Beyond any game of chance in the casino, roulette marks itself in a cut above the rest. It is a social game that one may miss the excitement of the game with the excitement of meeting another person, neither by chance nor fate, but with ephemeral gestures at the table. Thus, one must be sassy and at the same time savvy in playing roulette to bring home the bacon, plus the egg. Our Agent 007 taught us a few simple manners and conduct while playing the roulette. But our suggestion is, take it step by step.

There are intervals or periods of time in which you are given the chance to place your bets. In between each spin of the wheel, the house will normally allow all bettors in the table one minute to place their bets. You can still take the final seconds until the dealer raises his hands before you put your bet. After which, no more bets are allowed till the next spin of the wheel.

This is the thrill of the game. In placing your bet, look intently at the table and feel the numbers come at you. You know where the marble will land. You just have to place your bet properly. Look at the table, but stare, not directly, to the lady in front of you. Most probably, she is also staring at you. A woman calculates other people's actions; you just have to bring back the gesture.

In social meetings and gambling, you must be willing to take the risks. Do not mind if you are tentative at first, for the roulette will take the care of the rest. As soon as the spin halts, win or lose, you have to make that urgent choice. You may make the first bet or be the last bettor. Your choice. But whatever that may be, always remember to be courteous. Respect the dealer and respect other people around you. Remember, good manners will lead you to the right conduct.