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The Wonderful Roulette


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I cant tell you anything about roulette, that isnt just obvious, roulette is a fancy ecxiting game, there isnt one game exciting as roulette in the entire casino, the rush of the balls bouncing off, OWhh I can feel it just by talking about it. There are other things to it of course, this is a game for High Rollers, if you respect yourself you'd be playing Roulette and not slot machine, Roulette is a game for dignified people. This game just have a irresistible charm, I cant put it in any other way.

What kinds of roulette are there?

Basically, there's the american roulette and there's the French roulette, also known as european roulette. French roulette as opposed to logic sucks less. The difference between the two is that american roulette has another slot for 0, marked by 00. meaning French roulette odds - 2.56 percent, while on american one its twice 5.26.

Why play roulette?

First of all, there's no fucking reason not to, Second, you might meet babes at the table, if you do, dont go beyond the one night thing, they're most likely to be cum dazzled, money chasing cunts. Other than Scoring with babes, you can make a living out of playing at the roulette table. I know a few guys who own Mercedeses and dont work at all, just playing roulette at the casino. Now, here's the better news, if we're talking about online roulette , this just gets better and better, you dont even have to step out of your door, just work from home, HAHA!!